Together Mix Tape




21 tracks mixed over 70 minutes in a live set by
dj jon bates (@djjonbates)

Recorded in October 2016
Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Musical selections from:

  • Soularis
  • Purple Disco Machine
  • Pyramid
  • Sunset Child
  • ZHU
  • Southlight
  • and more…


2016 03 15 wonderous - dj jon bates


1. Another World (Mart Remix) by Eriq Johnson
2. Just Friends (Hott 22 Remix) by Hott 22
3. Tell (Original Mix) by Proff
4. Fair Enough (Original Mix) by Me & My Toothbrush
5. Be Good to Me (Original Mix) by Croatia Squad
6. Summer Tale (Original Mix) by Starchaser, Luigi Lusini
7. Again (Giom Mix) by Akabu, Giom, Kadija Kamara
8. Better Days by T-K.A.S.H.
9. Disco Night (Pacha Bootleg Dub) by Trebble
10. Do You Love Me (Richard Grey Mix) by Al-Faris, Chris Roxx
11. Don’t Look Any Further by Gary Caos, Levan Kay
12. Dusk (Original Mix) by Sound Quelle
13. Groove Is In The Air (Welcome Mix) by Phil Kinley
14. Love & Money (Alex Taylor Remix) by Southlight
15. Neo (Original Mix) by Rebekah
16. RU116 (Original Mix) by Cramp
17. Sniffin‘ (Original Mix) by Frey
18. Sunlight (Extended Club Mix) by The Magician
19. The Place I Know (Original Mix) by Andrea Fissore
20. Wondrous (David Penn Vocal Dub) by Danny Clark and Jay Benham
21. Antalya by Ost & Meyer
22. Wasted by Andy Duguid
23. Love & Money (feat. Kylie Auldist) by Southlight
24. Only Love by Way Out West
25. In and Out of Phase (Club Edit) by Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange
26. I Can Feel It by The Rhythm Slaves
27. Rise (Vocal Mix) by Above & Beyond

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All In Mix

All In - DJ Jon Bates


Newest music from Pyramid, Mart, Norman Doray, Giacca & Flores, Me & My Toothbrush, Babert, Vitodito, Generik and more. 17 tracks in a 60 minute set.

Recorded live August 31, 2016 by @djjonbates.

Only Love Mix (2016)

2016 08 03 only love

ONLY LOVE Track List

    1. Sunrise / Soularis
    2. Dusk (Original Mix) / Sound Quelle
    3. RU116 (Original Mix) / Cramp
    4. Delight (Extended) / Giacca & Flores
    5. Club Crusher (Extended) / Frey & Waxy
    6. Yes Yes y’all (Extended) / Sharam Jey
    7. Chew Candy (Never Seen Anything Like You) / Sunset Child ft Charlz
    8. Need You Tonight (Extended) / Latroit
    9. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life / Giacca & Flores
    10. True (Mark Lower Remix) / Nora En Pure
    11. She Wants (Charles Feelgood) / J. Casablanca & Dave Fogg
    12. Gold Member (Extended) / Me & My Toothbrush
    13. Gone Tomorrow (Me & My Toothbrush Remix) / Lika Morgan
    14. Supa Fly (Extended) / Kinky Movement
    15. Jet Lag (Slicerboys Mix) / Andrew M, Peter Kharma
    16. Safe & Sound (Extended) / Justice
    17. Make It Hot (Extended) / Nick Fiorucci & Saint Tropez
    18. The Diary Of A Studio 54 DJ / Mark Knight, Discoworker
    19. C O O L (WhiteNoize Remix) / Le Youth
    20. Keep Dancing (Original Mix) / Jaquita, Samuele Sartini
    21. Only Love / Way Out West



run away (to you)


RUN AWAY (to you)

this is a live set I did this week, which turned into a 2+ hour supershow for your enjoyment. There’s 33 songs on this stream: new from HORNEY UNITED, ERIQ JOHNSON, MarT & more. Faves from FREY, ABOVE & BEYOND, DENNIS SHEPERD, SOUTHLIGHT, HYDROFORM, MARKFUNK… I didn’t think I had this much music in me: put it in you!

Run away (to you) – house mix set – 2016 – 2 hours + 31 songs by Dj Jon Bates on Mixcloud


run away (to you) - house mix set - 2016 - 2 hours + 31 songs live set I did this week, which turned into a 2+ hour supershow for your enjoyment. There's 33 songs on this stream: new from HORNEY UNITED, ERIQ JOHNSON, MarT & more. Faves from FREY, ABOVE & BEYOND, DENNIS SHEPERD, SOUTHLIGHT, HYDROFORM, MARKFUNK... I didn't think I had this much music in me: put it in you!


1. Happiness ( Mambo Sunset Remix) by Horny United
2. In and Out of Phase (Club Edit) by Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange
3. Hollywood (Original Mix) by MarT
4. Another World (Mart Remix) by Eriq Johnson
5. RU116 (Original Mix) by Above & Beyond
6. Don’t Give Me Your Life (LWS Bitch Mix) by Alex Party
7. Sniffin’ (Original Mix) by Frey
8. New Dawn (Original Mix) by Above & Beyond
9. Mesmerized (Freemasons Edit) by Melissa Storm
10. Bass (How Low Can You Go) by Milk & Sugar
11. Only Love by Way Out West
12. Atlantic (Original Mix) by Jaytech
13. Fallen Angel (Album Extended Mix) by Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue
14. Get to Know You (Original Mix) by Vincenzo
15. Shine (Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez Mix) by Hydroform
16. Alive (Original Mix) by Gallo, Alaia
17. In My Head by Bionik Phunk
18. Pride (Exacta’s Vocal Mix) by DJ Exacta & Daley Padley
19. Natural (ElSandro’s Shortcut) by ElSandro & Ruben De Ronde
20. I Say A Little Prayer – Xbasic Mix by David Johnson
21. Commitment (Original Mix) by Paul Richmond
22. Twiggle (Original Mix) by Markfunk
23. Gone Tomorrow (Me & My Toothbrush Remix) by Lika Morgan
24. Everyday – Deep Grounder Sunny by Held, Esposito
25. Someday – Arduini & Pagany Bac by Faz, V.Ducros
26. Love & Money (Alex Taylor Remix) by Southlight 
27. Summer Of Balaton (Featuring Agebeat ) by Agebeat
28. Can’t Stop It (Club Mix) by Cabin Crew
29. Turn My World Around (Club Mix) by The New Iberican League
30. You + I (feat. Nathan Mahon) by Southlight
31. Crazy Paris (Ramon Zenker Remix) by Horny United
32. Let Me Down (Tube & Berger Remix) by Daniel Steinberg


sexual rhythms mix






Only 16

2015 10 31 only 16


DJ Jon Bates / Nov 2015

# Title Artist
1 Sunlight  [Extended Club Mix] The Magician
2 Sniffin’ (Original Mix) Frey
3 Thee Worst (Club Mix) Lika Morgan, Thee Cool Cats
4 Keep It Working (Joey Negro Disco Blend) Soulpersona, Princess Freesia
5 With or Without You Vlada Asanin, Jerome Robins, Yas Cepeda
6 Wild Dreams Pete Logan
7 Show Me (Original Mix) Me & My Toothbrush
8 Lovin U (Original Mix) Frey
9 me myself (feat sushy mix) Various Artists
10 Don’t You Want My Love – Nu-Tandique Remix Stephen Gori
11 Groove To The Music – Mahjong Mix Sun & Soul Shades
12 Summer Of Balaton (Featuring Agebeat ) Agebeat
13 Ready Or Not (Club Mix) Milk & Sugar
14 Good Vibration (Original Mix) Frey
15 Bass (How Low Can You Go) Vs. Simon Harris (Club Mix) Milk & Sugar
16 Closure (feat. Terri Walker) S.Chu
17 Swimming Places (Jerome Sydenham Remix) Julien Jabre
18 Pushing On Jimi Jules & Oliver $
19 Discopolis (Kerri’s Dusty Dub) Lifelike & Kris Menace
20 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Lunar Disco Remix) The Soul Rebels
21 Michael Caine



This release from Way Out West is really insane (of the buttery-smooth variety). Each track beats the previous; “We Love Machine” is a wonderful opener to introduce what the album is going to show us. While the entire album (and arguably most of their catalog) deserves to be honored, there’s one on this album I can’t get enough of: ULTRAVIOLET.


“Conspicuous from the rest of Bristol’s electronica scene by the absence of trip-hop or jungle leanings in their productions, Way Out West have instead pursued straight ahead house and trance with closer ties to progressive British dancefloors than American hip-hop. The duo of Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren first came together in the mid-’90s; Wisternoff was a veteran producer who had first recorded at the age of 14 (with fellow Bristolian house artists Smith & Mighty) while Warren was a high-profile Balearic DJ and club night-promoter influenced by the sounds of Madchester.

asterisk“The duo began recording, and by 1996 their single “The Gift” had become a big mover on dancefloors and the radio as well, thanks to a British advert which used the song. Signed to Deconstruction, Way Out West released their self-titled debut album in 1997. A change of venue, to Distinctive, preceded the release of 2001’s Intensify, and after a three-year interim the duo followed with the similar-sounding Don’t Look Now.

“Warren, who spent time as the resident DJ at super-club Cream, has released several compilations detailing his mixing skills…” (Read the rest on iTunes)


  Name Artist Time Price  

We Love Machine Way Out West 6:04 $1.29 View In iTunes

One Bright Night Way Out West 6:02 $1.29 View In iTunes

Only Love Way Out West 6:53 $1.29 View In iTunes

Bodymotion Way Out West 6:32 $1.29 View In iTunes

Pleasure Control Way Out West 6:32 $1.29 View In iTunes

Future Perfect Way Out West 6:24 $1.29 View In iTunes

Survival Way Out West 5:35 $1.29 View In iTunes

Ultra Violet Way Out West 7:52 $1.29 View In iTunes

Tales of the Rabid Monks Way Out West 5:52 $1.29 View In iTunes

Surrender Way Out West 6:37 $1.29 View In iTunes

The Doors Are Where the Windows Should Be Way Out West 3:51 $1.29 View In iTunes

Tierra del Fuego Way Out West 3:00 $1.29 View In iTunes

Sparkle Way Out West 5:57 $1.29 View In iTunes
  BookletDigital Booklet – We Love Machine Way Out West Album Only View In iTunes

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  1. Just a Lil Bit (Original Mix) by Frey
  2. Sunlight [Extended Club Mix] by The Magician
  3. Slow to Learn [Maor Levi Club Mix] by Above & Beyond
  4. Sugar (FREY Remix) by Robin Schulz
  5. Alive (Original Mix) by Gallo, Alaia
  6. In and Out of Phase by Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange
  7. Good Vibration (Original Mix) by Frey
  8. In and Out of Phase (Club Edit) by Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange
  9. In The Music Adam K & Soha  Deep Swing
  10. Silence (Above & Beyond’s 21st Century Remix) by Delerium
  11. Love Like This (Original Mix) by Frey
  12. Dusk Till Dawn (Shapeshifters Remix) [feat. Erire] by Danny Howells & Dick Trevor
  13. in stereo – even 11  ticon
  14. party of the year – original  deep zone, balthazar
  15. Don’t Stop (Frey Remix) by Ben Delay
  16. Fallen Angel (Album Mix) by Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue
  17. Feels Like Home feat.  Meck
  18. Burning Desire (Original Mix) by Nathan Cozzetto
  19. Trampoline (Akabu Deep Exploration Dub) by Tamara’s World
  20. Bass (How Low Can You Go) by Milk & Sugar
  21. Come With Me (Original Mix) by Nora En Pure
  22. Spend Time Well (Nora en Pure Remix) by Calippo

MELT mix




Melt – DJ Jon Bates – Sept 2015 – Funky House Mix Set by Dj Jon Bates on Mixcloud



1 Melte Andhim
2 We Love Machine Way Out West
3 He Is (Joey Negro Club Mix) The Sunburst Band
4 Make Room for Me (Micky More Super Jazz Funk Mix) Antonello Ferrari
5 Show Me (Original Mix) Me & My Toothbrush
6 Gone Tomorrow (Me & My Toothbrush Remix) Lika Morgan
7 Ultra Violet Way Out West
8 Sunshine Song (Thomas Gold Remix) Nicole Otero
9 Pacific Oliver Smith
10 Nobody (Warehouse Dub) [feat. Imaani] Copyright
11 Helsinki Scorchin’ (Michael Cassette Remix)
12 Don’t Give Up (Cellar Dwellers Remix) Carl Kennedy
13 My Fire (Miskia Soulful Mix) Ragachildren
14 Stick By This Dusky
15 Don’t Like It (Moron & Checker Dub) [feat. Shaker Shift] Shift Shaker
16 Multiverse Jaytech
17 Atlantic (Original Mix) Jaytech
18 Do You Really Wanna Denis the Menace & Jerry Ropero