Num. Title Artist
1 Superfunk Micky More
2 Generation 24/7 (Nathan C & Carl Hanaghan Piano Mix) Tara McDonald
3 Daze Of Disco Garrett & Ojelay
4 Reach Out (Club Mix) Crazibiza & Kevin Prise
5 Alininha (Original Mix) Paolo Mojo
6 With You Electrobios & Interplay
7 Planet Sunshine (Scream & Shout Rmx) [feat. Mel] Funk Galaxy
8 Pacific Oliver Smith
9 Essence (Original Mix) Jaytech
10 Both (Original Mix) LTN, Blood Groove & Kikis
11 Dusk Till Dawn (Shapeshifters Remix) [feat. Erire] Danny Howells & Dick Trevor
12 You Don’t See Me (Original Mix) Shafunkers
13 Under the Wire (Original Mix) Oliver Smith
14 The Lemon Effect (Original Mix) Answer42
15 With You Electrobios & Interplay
16 Boundless Energy (Original Mix) Soundprank
17 Alquimia (Andrew Bayer Remix) Parker & Hanson
18 Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix) GIGAMESH
19 Rosa (Rodney Hunter Version) Tosca
20 Halcyon (and On) Orbital
21 Woosh (Original Mix) Kobana & Yane3dots
22 Barack Obama’s Victory Speech – Nov.4,2008 Barack Obama

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