3rd sunrise


Download Third Sunrise Mix Set – DJ Jon Bates – Jan 2014

third sunrise house mix – dj jon bates on Mixcloud

third sunrise house mix / dj jon bates

  1. Feelings Gone by Beacon
  2. She Wants (Charles Feelgood) by J.Casablanca & Dave Fogg
  3. Universal Love feat. Natalie Peris (Extended Mix) by The Shapeshifters, dAVOS
  4. Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix) by Gigamesh
  5. Peace (Midnight Express Classic Gold Mix) by Sabrina Johnston
  6. Be Good To Me (Original Mix) by Croatia Squad
  7. Follow Me (Fingerpaint Remix) by Eurocats & Aeroplane & Dimitri From Paris
  8. Halcyon and On by Orbital
  9. Disco Belle (Dub Mix) by Paul Keeley
  10. Gumba Fire (Backroom Dub Mix) by Milk & sugar, dino moran
  11. Lovin’ U feat. Max C (The Shapeshifters Mix) by David penn
  12. Philly Groove by Fil-à-fil
  13. Wondrous (David Penn Dub) by Danny Clark and Jay Benham
  14. Chango Club – Original Mix by Dario Nunez & David Vio
  15. Kenny’s back (original mix) by Dimitri From Paris
  16. Throw your hands up – disco mix by Disco Darlings
  17. Dance programme – latin quarter mix by David jiminez, dj gonzalo, altered minds
  18. Prison (D-Pulse Remix) by Space
  19. Good Day Today Disk Jokke Remix by David Lynch

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