The Shapeshifters Have Returned… But Don’t Call It A Comeback.


           ONE DECADE.

While not a household name in their native NEW ZEALAND or the US, these low-key fellows put a song into clubs, raves and underground events worldwide, titled LOLA’S THEME, and in doing so created a house music masterpiece that managed to capture the enthusiasm and energy of the time (while significantly replenishing the optimism of house music ‘purists’, whose love for the genre(s) comes from a place that not everyone draws upon.

LOLA’S THEME, playable below, is an anthemic affirmation of the good and happy, and it is timeless in that I’ll still drop it in a set where every other track isn’t even 5 days old, let alone five years: the dance floor, ultimately the final arbiter of all playlist and mix decisions, has never failed to explode in fist-pumping and knowing grins when I throw the ‘oldie’ into the mix.

[And if that doesn’t do it for you, consider that LOLA’S THEME is about one of a dozen house tracks that I listen to ‘loose’ on my mobile… in addition to the mixes in which the track participates.



Well, it turns out they’ve put out a fantastic album, Analogue to Digital.and Back Again, that (besides being featured in a live broadcast with the Shapeshifters that you can play in the gadget above) contains my new most-favorite track of all time unless something else pops up…

Universal Love

feat. Natalie Peris (Extended Mix)

SO:  if you like this music and if you understand house (UK-flavor), you have a moral and ethical obligation to listen to the track above…

Upon its conclusion, you further must pony up the $2.00 and buy a copy of this songno sharing. No getting a copy off your least ‘infected’ pirate server somewhere in rural Ukraine.

No, you will buy this song and allow the Shapeshifters to make extravagant, unsettling purchases with the flood of royalties this blog post will create. Although such expenditures usually reflect the poorest of tastes and a marked inability to gauge the resale potential of, say, a 7-foot preserved segment of a Blue Whale penis that must have felt like a $70k steal in the heat of auction bidding.

But I digress. Enjoy. Buy. And thank you, Shapeshifters!


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