…It Goes Like This (The Mix) by dj jon bates on SoundCloud


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Eclectic, time-bending set of stuff you’ve never heard, songs you love to hear and even a couple you forgot how much you liked. Recorded digitally in a single live set (1h06m) by DJ Jon Bates.
Hear more sets a:

jon_yellowspecs_blastedABOUT DJ JON BATES /

I’ve been listening, collecting, playing + ultimately performing ‘san francisco house’ music ever since sneaking into a club at 17 as Sabrina Johnston’s house anthem ‘Peace (in the Valley)’ was blowing the ‘heads off the floor.

I spent 10 years on the SF/Bay Area underground ‘rave’ circuit, and as I got to know dj’s like Jeno, Garth, Simon & the rest of the Gathering regulars; Dave Coleman & Sen-sei; the Dubtribe crew; Farina and the whole Om Records family; and so many other legends of that era.

I am forever grateful for their generosity as they passed along bits & tricks to help me start spinning the 12’s myself with a modicum of skill; no matter how many gigs I do or sets I put out, I will always happily recognize their great magical feats at the decks & all-consuming love for house music as something not to try to equal, but instead draw on their genius as inspiration for taking it further, deeper and with luck, even lovelier.

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